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Tennis Ball Machine, an investment you will never regret, no matter for tennis clubs, for yourself or for your kids.

Good Partner Sports is the exclusive distributor of Spinfire tennis ball machines (including Spinfire Pro 1 and Spinfire Pro 2) and the authorized dealer of Lobster tennis ball machines in Norway (Norge). It is located in Oslo, but services the whole of Norway (Norge). A tennis ball machine is an electronic tennis ball emitter that can be consistently or randomly feed tennis balls to tennis players.

Tennis Players can use a tennis ball machine to repeatedly train one of their techniques, such as forehand, backhand, slice, volley and overhead, or extensively train combinations of those techniques and footwork by simulating a real game by using two-line drills, oscillations, preprogrammed drills or customized programmed drills. Tennis ball machines can benefit both junior and adult players who like to improve their tennis techniques. Meanwhile, it is also a good workout to train with a tennis ball machine. The earlier you use it, the more you benefit.

Spinfire Pro 2 tennis ball machines are available in stock. Prices are upon changes without notice.