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Lobster Phenom Electric Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Phenom model is an electric tennis ball machine designed for commercial use. Except for the large ball capacity and the way to supply power, the Phenom model has almost the same features as the Elite Grand IV. However Phenom designed for commercial use and has inherent performance advantages. One reason is that Phenom machines have the highest trajectory point of all commercial tennis ball machines provided. This is great advantage in performance. It allows for faster ball speeds, with and without spin, along with the ability to hit locations closer to the net.

Phenom offers unrivaled full random oscillations. This revolutionary design allows the machine to throw balls throughout the entire spectrum of the court mixing up speed, spin, trajectory, oscillations and feed rate. Furthermore, Phenom Series is based on computerized software that has been programmed to determine all possible combinations of speed, trajectory, and spin.

Fully random oscillation with variable speed and spin

This fully random technological advancement allows for the Phenom to realistically simulate true match play, a feature that is unsurpassed by any tennis ball machine in its class.

Lobster Grand V tennis ball machine, fully random oscillation

Six pre-programmed 6-shot drills

Phenom is equipped with six pre-programmed six-shot drills that simulate the most popular styles of play:

1. Moonballer

2. Slicer

3. Lefty

4. Grinder

5. Power Baseliner

6. All-court

These incredible drills mix up speed, trajectory, and spin to prepare you to play against the world's elite! With the push of a button, you can now practice against the playing style of your choice.

Three-line function

Phenom is equipped with the most extensive 3-line function found today. With its three versatile positional settings, narrow, medium and wide, you can improve your forehand and backhand or use it as a great way to warm up your shots. Furthermore, dynamic machine combines 3-Line function with random depth and feed rate adjustment, a feature not found on other machines.

New control panel

Lobster Phenom tennis ball machine is also equipped with the most revolutionary control panel and optional wireless remote control found today. The control panel utilizes "touch-buttons" instead of rings, knobs and switches. It also has a digital LCD screen which allows you to view all menu selections and settings. Phenom was developed to be incredibly user friendly and can be used by even the youngest of players.

20-function remote control (optional)

Lobster Grand IV tennis ball machine offers an optional 20-function wireless remote control available. The state-of-the-art remote control allows you to adjust almost every function of the machine with just a push of a button. Enjoy instantaneous changes in functionality like play/pause, oscillation sweep, fully random, 3-line, speed, feed, spin, and much more.

Lobster Grand Series tennis ball machine, remote control

Iphone remote control (Optional)

The iPhone/iTouch Remote Control Assembly consists of a factory installed Wi-Fi Receiver in the ball machine and the available free iPhone Remote Control App for download on iTunes. This system is compatible for Lobster Elite Grand Series and Phenom Series tennis ball machines.

Android Remote Control (Optional)

(Buyers can not choose both Iphone and Android Remote Control Remote)

Android Remote Control is available only for Phenom series.

Lobster Grand IV Web Shop

Lobster Elite 3

* Two-ine drills with vertical scillation * Horizontal Oscillation * Vertical Oscillation * Triple Oscillation * Battery time 4-8 hours * Heavy top and back spin * 50 degree elevation for overhead training * Ball speed 32-129 km/h *1-Amp Fast Charger-240 V included Price: 26 800,00 kr

20-function remote Control (Optional)

Gaining greater control of your training regimen with 20-Function Wireless Remote Control. The highest level of compact controller allows you to make instant changes to functionality like: play/pause, oscillation sweep, fully random, 3-line, speed, feed, spin, and much more. This option can be pre-installed at the factory or after purchase. Price: 3 300,00 kr

IPhone remote control (Optional)

IPhone remote assembly consists of a factory-installed Wi-Fi receiver and available free iPhone Remote Control App for download on iTunes. This proprietary system allows you to use your iPhone or iTouch device as a remote control for full operation of the Lobster Elite Grand Series tennis ball machines and Phenom Series tennis ball machines. Price: 3 300,00 kr

Premium Fast Charger (Optional)

Gain greater control of your training regimen with the battery 2-function remote control. It controls both the feed and the sweep. Price: 1 900,00 kr

Premium Fast Charger (Optional)

* Three times the charging speed of the included fast charger * Will fully charge the battery in 1-3 hours * Allow 12 plus hours plug-in without damaging battery *Trickle charge feature guarantees no overcharge Price: 1 800,00 kr

External AC Power Supply (Optional)

This optional accessory transforms a normal battery operated portable ball machine into an AC/DC powered ball machine. Simply plug the external power supply into the machine and enjoy continuous, uninterrupted play. The best part is the machine can still run off a battery, whatever the player prefers. Price: 1 300,00 kr

External Battery Pack (Optinoal)

The external battery pack will provide you with an additional 4-8 hours of court time. The external battery pack includes a large 18-amp sealed lead-acid battery, battery cord with connector, XLR adaptor, 1-amp fast battery charger, and canvas carrying bag with shoulder strap. The external battery pack can be used for all Lobster portable tennis ball machines. Price: 2 000,00 kr

Storage Cover (Optional)

This heavy duty, lined vinyl cover protects your machine from the elements, as well as from dust and moisture when in storage. Price: 750,00 kr