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Spinfire Pro 2 and Spinfire Pro 1 common features

Comparing to Spinfire Pro 1 tennis ball machines, Spinfire Pro 2 has the following common features:

  • Spinfire Pro 2 can throw balls at speed between 32 km/h and 128 km/h.​
  • Extreme top spin and back spin. When you can handle the highest level of spin, there will be no problem to deal with the spin of any opponents
  • Ball interval 2-15 seconds
  • Horizontal oscillation, varying shots with different width

Spinfire Pro 2 Horizontal Oscillation-Medium

Spinfire Pro 2 Horizontal Oscillation-Wide

  • Battery time: 3-8 hours
  • Ball Capacity: 200 balls

  • Weight: 22.5 kg
  • Internal oscillation, not like traditional tennis ball machines oscillating the whole machine side by side, Spinfire turns the throwing mehanism inside the tennis ball machine, making shots less predictable
  • Solid wheels and suitcase-like handle, making the tennis ball machines easy to move

Spinfire Pro 2 tranport position

  • Spinfire Pro 2 is controlled by a touch control panel with a backlit LCD screen showing settings, battery life, and diagnostic information

Spinfire Pro 2 control panel

  • Memory: After spending time learning your favorite settings and inputting them into the machine, it’s nice to know that they are memorized. Each time you turn on the machine it recalls the last settings you were using for interval, speed and spin.