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Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine

Two years of warranty, battery six months

Features of Spinfire Pro 1 tennis ball machines:

Spinfire Pro 2 is an advanced model of Spinfire tennis ball machines Good Partner Sport sells in Norway (Norge).

Same function of Spinfire Pro 2 as Spinfire Pro 1

Spinfire Pro 2 tennis ball machine has some common features with Spinfire Pro 1, such as ball speed, spins, ball intervals, horizontal oscillation, battery, internal oscillation, etc.

Extra features of Spinfire Pro 2

Comparing to Spinfire Pro 1, Spinfire Pro 2 has its own interesting features, such as vertical oscillation, combination of vertical oscillation and horizontal oscillation, two-line drills, and two-line drills combined with vertical oscillation.

Optional accessories:

Spinfire Pro 2 tennis ball machines share the common optional accessories with Spinfire Pro 1.

See details of the optional accessories

Spinfire Pro 2 tennis ball machine on court

Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine - On Court

Watch the Spinfire Pro 2 ball machine go through it's range of functions on court.

Spinfire Pro 2 and Lobster Elite 3

Comparing to Lobster tennis ball machines, Spin Fire Pro 2 tennis ball machines are comparable with Lobster Elite 3 in Lobster Elite Series. However, Spin Fire Pro 2 tennis ball machines have better features while Lobster Elite 3 tennis ball machines are more portable and handy.

Lobster Elite 3 vs Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine Comparison

A comparison video of the Lobster Elite 3 vs the Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine

Spinfire Pro 2 webshop

Spinfire Pro 2

Standard Charger Included Remote Control included Horizontal Oscillation Vertical oscillation Two-line drills Price: 22 500,00 kr

Premium Fast Charger (Optional)

4.8 A charger, will charge the machine in 4-5 hours (standard charger 11-13 hours) Price: 1 300,00 kr

Carry Case (Optional)

Water resistant Pockets for storing remote control, charger, and other items Price: 750,00 kr

AC Adaptor

Connecting to a socket, it can provide continuous power Price: 1 500,00 kr

External battery Kit

Including a battery bag and a battery cable. Can change internal battery as an external one. In this way you don't have to move the whole machine to charge. It is convenient for you to keep the battery in your club, but take the battery home to charge. Price: 900,00 kr

External battery & bag

Include a batter, a bag and cable. You can keep the internal battery but add an external battery in case your internal battery runs out of power. Price: 2 200,00 kr