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Spinfire Tennis Ball Machines

Good Partner Sport distributes two models of Spinfire tennis ball machines in Norway (Norge), namely Spinfire Pro 1 and Spinfire Pro 2. Spinfire Pro 2 is based on the prototype of Spinfire Pro 1, but it has more features and provides more challenges for tennis players to improve their tennis levels. Comparatively, the two models are quite similar in their appearances except for the control panels. However, Spinfire Pro 2 is based on more advanced design and software, which provides more interesting features to tennis players.

* Speed: 32-128 km/h

* Extreme top spin and back spin

* Ball interval: 2-15 seconds

* Horizontal oscillation

* Battery time: 3-8 hours

* Ball capacity: 200 balls

* Weight: 22.5 kg

* Internal oscillation

* Solid wheels & suitcase handle

* Membrane touch control panel

* LCD screen

Comparing to Spinfire Pro 1, Spinfire Pro 2 has the following additional interesting features:

* Vertical oscillation

* Combination of horizontal oscillation and vertical oscillation

* 2-line drills, wide, medium, and narrow

* 2-line drills mixed up vertical oscillation

* 9-function remote control

See detailed features of Spinfire Pro 1 tennis ball machine 

and Spinfire Pro 2 tennis ball machine